View of the area around Checo Hill Farm
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Checo Hill is our home and farm in the hills of Cayo District near to the Mountain Pine Ridge. We are on the outskirts of the village of 7 Miles, a small farming community. At the moment, we are working on building a bed and breakfast at Checo Hill - a slow, but immensely fun task… And we're almost finished!


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We're getting there bit by bit: the end is in sight! Recently we've emptied the guesthouse of all the miscellaneous junk from the past few months' work, cleaned the floors thoroughly, and oiled them. They look rather good: Caribbean pine boards, from a few miles up the road in the Mountain Pine Ridge.

And a close-up!

Published by Adam Lloyd on October 27 2016


We've been running a camera trap (or trail camera, if you prefer) on one of the paths at Checo Hill for the best part of a year now. After some adventures with dodgy connections in the battery compartment (amongst other things...) we've finally caught something other than ourselves and the dogs on camera!

The camera recorded a nine-banded armadillo the other night - just after 2:00am - just up the hill behind our house. This accounts for the noisy wee creature we've been hearing about the place of late.

(The kinkajous are back again, too: hanging out in the yaxnik trees on the hill... First time since the hurricane.)

Published by Adam Lloyd on September 20 2016

Lightning, and sweet potatoes

The weather continues to be spectacular, particularly at night right now. Check out the rather fantastic lightning display behind our neighbour Fred's house!

Work on the farm goes well, too. We've got the field cleaned up, ready for a little late-season planting, and other bits and pieces are doing well. The sweet potatoes in particular are growing fantastically. We're looking forward to harvesting these. This is the same variety we used to grow at Tubroos Farm in Sarteneja: we brought a few cuttings with us when we left.

The chaya (also brought from Sarteneja, via a long and complicated route including a farm near San Felipe in Toledo) is also doing well. I love chaya: it's a dark green leafy vegetable, rich in pretty much everything, somewhat similar to spinach but much more robust. The leaves don't really shrink when you cook them. We use it in everything. I don't know what we'd do without it!

Published by Adam Lloyd on September 17 2016


It's been ages since we added anything here - apologies to anyone who's following us! Things are going well: work on the guesthouse is nearing completion. Things were thrown a little off schedule by Hurricane Earl in August 2016, followed a week later by a direct lightning strike to our power system. We lost our inverter, charge controllers, cellphone booster and a few other bits and pieces. Rather a mess... Still, we're getting that all sorted out now (the power's up and running again!) and are busy with the last finishing-up and furnishing work on the guesthouse. Great fun!

We'll post some photos and more information soon...

Published by Adam Lloyd on September 14 2016

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