View of the area around Checo Hill Farm
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About Checo Hill Guesthouse

Checo Hill is our home, guesthouse and farm in the hills of Cayo District near to the Mountain Pine Ridge. We are located on the outskirts of the village of Seven Miles / El Progresso, a small farming community.

We offer bed and breakfast accommodation, a self-catering kitchen, meals on request and a variety of activities in the surrounding area and wider Cayo District.


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From the farm...

A quick photo from the farm - turmeric and ginger growing nicely up by our house. Mmm! We're looking to expand production of this significantly in the future...

Published by Adam Lloyd on November 6 2017


There have been some spectacular thunderstorms in the past few weeks: here's some lightning from last night. It was far away enough that we couldn't hear it, but it was rather impressive to watch.

Published by Adam Lloyd on September 8 2017

Checo Hill

The view from Checo Hill - just a few minutes from the guesthouse through the jungle - is well worth the effort! We popped up the other day, just for a change of scene...

You get a fantastic view over Seven Miles / El Progresso from the top. You can even see Baldy Beacon, the highest hill in the Mountain Pine Ridge. I never get tired of this view...

Published by Adam Lloyd on September 6 2017


We've been doing some gardening and tidying up recently. The place is looking pretty good... Good and green from the rainy season, too.

Published by Adam Lloyd on August 30 2017

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